Essential Oils that Kill Germs

In spite of the general belief that strong chemicals are necessary to sanitize and kill bacteria, essential oils have been around for centuries that have the power to destroy a variety of germs. In fact, essential oils are also used to help speed the healing process with cold and flu viruses.

For cleaning the home, there are many common synthetic products that are known to cause respiratory irritation, skin irritation, and other unpleasant side effects, even when used as directed. For example, window cleaner contains chemicals that, when airborne, are harmful to the lungs. That is why it is warned that users should keep the area well ventilated while they clean.

But with essential oils, used in aromatherapy practices, the vapors are safe to breathe in as you clean. One drop of tea tree essential oil and one drop of lavender will disinfect surfaces in your home when applied to a warm damp cloth.

To disinfect the air, place 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil, 5 drops of orange, and 3 drops of clove into a diffuser. Not only will your room smell wonderful, but it will also come without any of the hazards of chemical air fresheners. In this way, you can utilize the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils while also helping eliminate odors in your home.

If you are suffering from a respiratory infection, a great way to assist the healing process is to use a steam treatment with essential oils. Start with a quart of boiling water just removed from the stove and add 1 drop each of eucalyptus, thyme, and tea tree essential oil. Place a towel over your head and, keeping a safe distance, place your face over the steam and breathe for 10 20 minutes.

Of course it is important to seek medical attention when necessary. But adding essential oils can go a long way to increasing the health of your home and family.
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