Gel Candles

Gel candles are increasing in popularity.  They are very decorative and are great as scented candles.  Individuals are even starting to make gel candles as hobbies.

Before you start candle making with gel candles, you must know that there are different density levels.  The levels are low, medium, and high.  The density level within the gel candle affects the potency of the fragrance that the candle gives off when it is lit.

The lowest density level gives off a light fragrance that complements the room.  The highest density level has the power to cover up a foul scent.  So before you make your candle ask yourself, how potent do I want my candle to be?

The most popular thing about gel candles is its ability to suspend things within it.  The gel can hold objects like beads, stones, marbles, or even decorative fruit.  You can see these objects suspended in the candle because it is translucent.

Just like wax candles, gel candles can have dyes mixed in it as well.  Gel candles can be fragrant, colorful, and suspend objects within them.  The beauty of gel candles seems endless because you can do one or all of the options mentioned above.

In candle making, wax candles are easier to work with than gel candles.  Candle making with gel candles is harder because they never get in a true liquid form.  Even when you go to pour it into the mold, it is still a gel or syrup like consistency.

After a lot of practice, making gel candles will become easier.  You will always have to be careful about adding too much dye and fragrance though.  It is always worth the extra effort once you have your finished candle.

Candle making with gel is very rewarding.  It is rewarding because in the beginning it is tricky to work with, but over time you will master it.  Once you have made your candles you can enjoy them, sell them, or give them as gifts.

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