Glycolic Derm Treatment Line by RainShadow Labs

Glycolic acid is the smallest molecule in the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family. This fruit derived acid dissolves fine lines and scars, fades hyper-pigmentation, tightens cellular structure, reduces pores, clears skin of blackheads and pimples, and increases blood flow for more vibrant dermal structure and activity.

Glycolic Derm Treatment products are safely and effectively used in lower acid concentrations for daily application. The ramped up high dose chemical peels of the 90 s are historically irritating and ultimately damaging to the delicate structure of facial skin.

With a 10% load of glycolic acid, this product line is perfectly poised to cumulatively unglue your skins dead cells and allow new life to come forth.

We have added plant stem cells, niacinimide, bearberry, peptides, and a few other illuminating skingredients for a potent and graceful invisible face peel.

10% glycolic acid
2% malic acid
2% lactic acid
10% hyaluronic acid
5% matrixyl 3000
3% plant stem cells
3% tripeptides
5% niacinamide
1% bearberry
1.5% caffeine
0.5% astaxanthin

G3GDT Glycolic Derm Wash

AGDT Glycolic Derm Serum

LGDT Glycolid Derm Lotion

HGDT Glycolic Derm Mask

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