The Magic of Fragrant Candles

Candles have a magic power with soothing the body and mind. The ambiance of a candle can come from the aromatherapy that is produced from scented candles, and also from the candlelight. Candles give off a pleasant scent, but also provide a great feeling of calm and relaxation.

People have used candles through out history. Candles were the main form of light for centuries. They were used in places of worship and in individual homes.

Candles today are used for a variety of reasons. They can be used for birthdays or special occasions. They can also be used for religious reasons and for relaxation and romance.

Candles that have essential oils in them can be heated to diffuse pleasant fragrances around the room. The aromatherapy can be dispersed through out the room to help with peace and tranquility. The aromatherapy can help with healing as well as lifting people emotionally. Here are some popular candle scents that are used with aromatherapy.

Lavender Smelling the sweet scent of lavender can combat stomach illnesses, such as airsickness or motion sickness. Lavender scent also has a calming effect, which is used a lot with treating insomnia. Lavender is a pleasant scent, so the candle can double as an air freshener.

Lemon Lemon scent is known to help with insomnia. Smelling lemon has also been proven to help with concentration. It is a very common aromatherapy oil.

Sandalwood Sandalwood has a fresh, sweet scent. It is used a lot with perfumes and deodorants. It is a relaxing fragrance that calms down the body.

Candles can be used with helping the atmosphere around you. Natural fragrances that come from the candles can create a pleasant therapy tool. Look for candles that use natural essential oils in their ingredients, such as the oils listed above.
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