Actives in Body Care: the Secret to Aging Gracefully

Your body is your home. Your skin is your largest organ. Being mindful of what we are applying to our skin is just as important as what we put inside. Many have thought of switching to clean facial care products but haven't put much thought into their body washes, shampoo, lotions, deodorants, etc. The personal care industry has loads of products filled with harsh ingredients and additives. Think about your typical skincare routine from serums, masks, creams, oils, and now think about what you can be doing for the rest of your skin on your body. We can do better than apply lotion on after the shower! It's time to show your body some self care and make the switch to botanical, plant-powered body care.

Ritual 1: Body Scrubs

The first step to keeping your body looking luminous and hydrated is proper exfoliation. A body scrub sloughs off dead skin cells with natural textured materials such as raw sugar. Once your dead skin cells are off, your body will have better product utilization. Meaning, all the lotions, body butters, and oils will work overtime. Another method of exfoliation that I could rave about for days is dry brushing. The art of dry brushing is simple and known to have many other skin beautifying benefits.

Ritual 2: Lotions, Body Butters, & Oils

Adding moisture back to your skin is essential, especially after a hot shower or the dry winter months! Body butter is typically a thicker formula than lotion and contains rich ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter. Body butter will give your skin the extra bliss it needs and soften the feel of any rough patches. Using a lotion after every shower will keep your skin feeling supple and moisturized! Once a week, I like to use a body oil and add my favorite essential oils for an at-home spa effect. Try adding lavender essential oil before bed and ylang-ylang essential oil for a mood-boosting aroma!

Ritual 3: Extra Care

If you are looking to show your body some extra care, a favorite of mine is an at-home pedicure using a pumice stone to exfoliate and foot care products to keep your feet soft. Run a hot bath with Epsom salt and your favorite essential oil. Last but not least, take time to be out in nature and move your body, sweat, and clear your mind.

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