Aging Hands? Exfoliate!

We spend quite a bit of time on our faces. We make sure that we put the best of the best on our skin to prevent premature aging and wrinkles. We want our cheeks to glow and foreheads to stay shine free. But let s remember something important: our faces are not the only things to age. And one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to private label skincare and anti aging products are the hands. 

Have you ever seen someone with a well cared for face, only to look down to see their aging hands? Did you feel confused about their age because of it? As we age naturally the quality of our skin changes over our entire body, and it s important to keep it all healthy and young. Maintaining smooth hands can be as simple as using a high quality private label moisturizer every day, but it doesn t have to stop there. If you want to give your hands, or your customers hands, an anti aging boost, then you will need to exfoliate.

Just like there are face and body exfoliators, you can do the same thing to the top of your hands. It keeps the skin there fresh, plump and far away from the crêpey skin that often comes with old age and neglect. And the easy part is that you can use some of the same exfoliating products on your hands as you do your face. While scrubs are always a great and easy option, if you have a high quality enzyme and even gentle AHA exfoliating mask, you will want to use that. The reason is that enzymes are more gentle and even a little bit more thorough than manual exfoliators, while AHAs promote collagen production, which helps keep the skin on the top of the hands plump, young and elastic.

So next time you re doing a body scrub, remember to treat your hands too. If you find yourself doing a weekend enzyme and/or AHA mask, apply a little bit to the top of your hands and let it work its magic. It s fun, it s easy, and it s one of the most simple private label skincare tricks you ll find. If you have your own private label skincare line, consider making a scrub or mask specifically for hands, or letting your customers know that their face mask can double as a hand treatment. 
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