Amber Essential Oil: Ancient Meditation Ally

Humans have been exploring the possibilities of the mind and psyche for thousands of years and one of their favorite methods for doing so has been meditation. Though one can easily practice meditation alone, there are some beautiful essential oils that are well known for aiding in this process. One of the most ancient, unique and mysterious of these is amber essential oil. This deep, sweet and slightly heady tree resin distillate brings the perfect amount of depth to your private label skin care formulas and aromatherapy blends.

The art of private label scents and smells comes down to how they make you feel, and amber essential oil makes you feel calm, light, and comforted. The aroma of amber oil is a special combination of warm vanilla sweetness, fresh vetiver, and slightly heady frankincense. It is neither a particularly masculine or feminine scent, and thus is appropriate for a wide range of people. It is a perfect scent for private label candles, body butters, scrubs, massage oils, and natural perfumes.

Private label skin care that incorporates amber essential oil contains a unique and sacred link to the past through the deep and delicious resin that is amber. For those who meditate, a drop of amber placed neat on the temples calms the mind and centers the nerves. It is the perfect type of oil for use in ceremonial and celebratory occasions, as it brings a sense of clarity to those who use it.

If you like to make your own essential oil blends at home, or are interested in creating your own private label essential oil blend, amber is a wonderful oil to incorporate. It blends well with other oils such as frankincense, myrrh, fir, and even some citrus. As a personal natural perfume, a small drop placed on your neck is all you need and it s definitely the kind of smell that people will come to remember you by.

Private label skin care is full of options and this is definitely a special scent for a special line. Whether you choose to incorporate it into your private label candles, lotions or scrubs, you can trust the musky sweet aroma of amber to entice while remaining elegantly refined. Welcome the ancient forest energy of amber into your private label and breathe deep as it elevates your mood, brings clarity to your mind, and instills peace in your heart.

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