Antioxidant Royalty Ruling at RainShadow Labs

Astaxanthin is a very unique algae that turns red as it begins to synthesize. Its ORAC value ..Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity is 550 times stronger than the purest forms of vitamin E. You read that right!!!! This is serious skin repair business.

These off the charts ORAC ratings translate into a turbo powered free radical scavenger that cannot be outdone by the harshest or most extreme skin pollutants on this planet.

WOW! Simply wow! Can you appreciate why we find every excuse possible to add Astaxanthin to our daily formulating repertoires?!

Astaxanthin is grown in and harvested from fresh water sources. Once it is turned into a liquid, it becomes THE MOST IMPORTANT nutrient known to the natural world. It is what gives Salmon their red coloring and it is exactly what makes it possible for them to swim upstream and jump UP waterfalls for weeks. Astaxanthin turns Salmon into superheroes.

Astaxanthin is a fat soluble phytochemical rich antioxidant that is able to permeate cells and tissues in a unique way. Water soluble antioxidants and nutrients cannot penetrate the same blood barriers that fat soluble nutrients can. Thus Astaxanthin is absorbed deeply and richly into the dermal matrix for immediate rejuvenation, cellular growth and healing.

Skin damage and repair happens immediately when Astaxanthin is present. Dermal tone, texture, resiliency, clarity, and fullness are immediately enhanced and supported. Long term use of Astanxanthin results in visibly noticeable results.

Astaxanthin will imbue every formula that it is used in with a clear bright orange hue. This is normal and part of its cosmetic charm. It is an ACTIVE and ALIVE nutrient that knows its way around your biology. Your skin will quite literally eat it up and be the better for it.

Please email RainShadow Labs today to formulate your next product offerings with Astaxanthin ..or order a sample of our existing formulas that contain food grade cold processed Astaxanthin.

AGDT Glycolic Derm Treatment Serum

APRS ProX Radiance Scrub

ARPRS ProX Radiance Serum

HGDT Glycolic Derm Treatment Mask

HPRL ProX Radiance Lotion

LGDT Glycolic Derm Treatment Lotion

Bless Your Beautiful Beauty!!!!!!!

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