Argan Oil vs Jojoba Oil

Two of the most popular oils in the private label skincare industry today are Jojoba and Argan. You can find them in everything from hair care products to body lotions and face oils. Both are touted as moisturizing oils that won t clog pores and help keep the skin smooth and hair frizz free. We ll admit, we like them both, and include both of them in our various private label skincare offerings. When sourced responsibly and used appropriately, each oil provides phenomenal benefits for both hair and skin.

First, some background: Jojoba oil typically comes to us from Arizona, California and parts of Mexico. It is technically not an oil but a plant wax with a beautiful golden color and chemical makeup incredibly similar to human sebum. Argan oil typically comes from Morocco and is especially popular as a hair oil, though you can also find it in facial serums and similar private label skincare products.

When used on your skin, both oils make great moisturizers. Depending on your lifestyle and skin condition, you might prefer one over the other. Here at RainShadow Labs, we tend to lean a little more toward Jojoba when it comes to moisturizing the face and body, but that s just our preference! Wonderful oil based private label skincare lines focusing on Argan do exist and their customers are very happy. If you re not sure which you prefer, just try them both and see!

Despite both oils being great moisturizers for the skin, Argan excels in the hair moisturizing department. Thus, if you re looking to buy or make your own hair care, you might want to include Argan. And that includes if you use or sell a beard oil! Both oils can help with frizz control, and Jojoba is said to be extra helpful for those with dandruff.

For facial cleansing, Jojoba oil s incredible similarity to your skin s natural sebum is a win, and it also has antibacterial and dirt dissolving properties making it extra effective for oil cleansing and removing makeup. It s one of the reasons why people like to use it if they have acne. With that said, Argan oil contains a polyphenol reported to help skin cells turnover, which is great for anti-aging. Both oils contain beneficial essential fatty acids, and Jojoba oil is particularly rich in vitamin E.

Why Private Label?

If you re interested in starting your own skincare brand, choosing to private label makes the whole process much more clear and straightforward. It takes the guesswork out of what products you should start with, what ingredients you want to feature, and who in the world is going to make it. Private labeling with RainShadow Labs gives you access to an entire team of experts ready to help you bring your skincare dream to fruition.

Having access to our team means you can ask questions and get recommendations for the best ingredients to include in certain products, like argan or jojoba oil. You can choose to go with any of our stock products, or custom formulate for a unique product tailored to you. You can even order samples right off our website to get started.

If you know you want a particular type of product (let s say a lotion) but can t decide on whether you want it to contain argan or jojoba oil, we can formulate one of each for you try. This is one of the biggest benefits that come with working with a private label manufacturer: you don t have to worry about making your own products. Instead, you tell us what we want, we give you feedback (if necessary), and then we make your products.

Deciding on a Private Label Developer

So what s our verdict when it comes to argan vs. jojoba? They re both great! It all comes down to a matter of preference, and if you can t decide, go ahead and use them both on your hair, face and body for smooth, happy skin and shiny, bouncy hair. If you choose to private label with us, let us know you re curious about both and we ll give you our suggestions or cook up a sample of each product so you can test them for yourself. If you decide to have your own custom formula, your brand can literally become one-of-a-kind.

RainShadow Labs has been in the private label skincare business for over thirty five years. We ve been able to satisfy the needs of spas, gyms, countless ecommerce stores and even coffee shops. While you focus on building and marketing your brand, let focus on formulating and making the magic happen.

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