What personal care product ingredient is bountiful, lustrous, healing, and holds that tropical, laid-back vibe?  It s the supreme triglyceride COCONUT OIL!

Coconut oil is like a South-American supermodel.  It s rich, luminous and vibing with tropical sun. It s a standby ingredient in plant-based personal care products because it s nutritive, beautifying and functional in a wide-range of applications.  We love coconut oil because it holds nothing back the genetic profile of the coconut constantly expresses itself through the oil and that expression translates into dynamic healing and beauty.

The coconut lives in sunny, lush, equatorial zones and every drop of coconut oil has this environment imprinted upon its DNA.  When coconut oil is applied to the skin or hair, those cells receive the vibrant light of the sun, the life of those regions, and the happiness of spirit that is abounding.  Because of the environment it grows best in, using coconut oil for healing and beauty is like using pure joy!

Blooming up to 13 times a year, a coconuts DNA is also wired for abundance! Because of this unique genetic marker, using coconuts in personal care products allows the skin to absorb that prolific bounty. This largesse is also deeply reflected in the coconut oil.  Coconut oil brims with fatty acids, trace minerals, antioxidants and antibacterial properties.  It s these genetic qualities that make coconut oil such a generous healing and beauty agent.

Coconut oil promotes strong healthy tissue, soft skin, and a radiant complexion.  It smooths wrinkles, fine lines, and lightens age spots.  It s a lush moisturizer that absorbs quickly and heals dry and flaking skin.  The lauric acid content in coconut oil (50%) gives this emollient antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that alleviate acne, eczema and dermatitis.  In Sanskrit, coconut oil is considered a product from the Tree of Life because it rejuvenates the skin with luminous results

In personal care manufacturing, the functional uses of coconut oil are seemingly endless.  You can, and we suggest you do, add coconut oil to lotions, body creams, body butters, soaps, cleansers, scrubs, polishes and even hair conditioners, masques and styling agents.  Coconut oil is especially useful in spot-specific healing balms, as in for cracked heels or dry knees and elbows.  It s a perfect base for essential oils, and even an effective after-shave oil for men and women that prevents razor-burn infection.  Naturally full of antioxidants, coconut oil has an endless shelf life, so you don t have to worry about your products going bad. Infuse your products with this luxurious, curative, happy-go-lucky oil and you will feel blissful that you did!
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