Electricity rules our world.  Our homes, our work, and soon our transportation are all electric. When something electrifies you, you feel great.  It something is electric, you take notice.  At the very basis of existence is an electrical current that takes on various material manifestations.  So, when a volcanic ash, like Bentonite, clears and detoxes the skin using an electrical charge, you know we are talking about the real deal!

Bentonite Clay is a velvety, porous volcanic ash that is sourced from earth near Fort Benton, Wyoming.   It s known as an exceptional skin detoxer, soother and rejuvenator.  It makes the complexion bright, clear and rosy.  And the secret to its magnificent capabilities is electricity.

Upon contact with water, Bentonite develops an electrical charge and swells into a kind of ionic sponge. The negative ions in Bentonite attract positively charged skin debris, such as make-up residue or environmental pollutants.  This dirt is then drawn up and bound by the sponge and when the clay is rinsed away, the toxins go with it, leaving the skin fresh and radiant!

The healthy, glowing complexion that comes from using Bentonite clay also has to do with its low watt voltage.  Bentonite s electricity pulls excess hydrogen from the skin.  This has the effect of allowing more oxygen to flood the tissue- essentially ventilating the dermis and the blood that runs through it.  Well oxygenated skin is healthy and clean.  The skin takes on a flushed and vibrant look, as in after a hearty run!

The strength and elasticity that Bentonite delivers to the skin has to do with its high mineral content.  Bentonite clay is composed of mineral nutrients such as silica, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, and potassium.  These minerals increase collagen production, cellular metabolism and cellular reproduction.  This literally slows the aging process, but it also helps skin stay tight and light reflective, which also contributes to a youthful appearance.

Bentonite is used primarily in masks and clay cleansers, but it is also healing for burns and cuts, effective at alleviating insect bites and stings, excellent in a detox bath, and wonderful as a soothing powder for baby rashes.  We get really galvanized over Bentonite Clay, and we hope this current conducting earth matter lights a spark in you too!

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