Best Hair and Skin Supplement: Algae Extract!

Are you taking your homemade cosmetic crafting to the next level?  Or are you a skin care business looking for an additive that will put your brand over the top?  You ve come to the right place! RainShadow Labs, a wholesaler and private skin care manufacturer, has something so amazing to offer you that you won t believe it!

The best hair and skin ingredient is actually an extract that comes from the depths of our oceans. It s called ALGAE!  

Yes, Algae - that green, slimy gunk which ranges in size from  a single cell organism to giant sea kelp over 50 feet long!  Algae has spent millions of years on the planet and evolved in to a powerhouse beauty agent.

Algae is loaded with potent nutrients such as:

  • Iron

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

  • Copper

  • Silicon

  • Vitamin A

  • Omega 3

  • and Amino Acids

Brimming with essential substances like these, Algae can make hair look and feel shiny, thick and luxurious and makes skin feel firm, radiant and young!  We blend our phenomenal Algae Extract with Japanese Green Tea for an added punch.  

Green Tea is a total powerhouse with polyphenols that help the skin. You need to add this miraculous ingredient to your beauty kit!  

If you re that at-home skin care crafter - check out our sensational algae ingredient, ActiSea Extract and start crafting on a more advanced level today!  

If you re that savvy, beauty smart but market-centered skin care company, talk to us about adding ActiSea Extract to any of the blends you order from us!  You might think of producing a whole line of ActiSea infused products!

RainShadow Labs is proud to offer the highest in natural, optimum grade skin care products and essential oils.  Learn more about us and our premium products HERE.

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