Buddha s Breath

The beauty of life itself is contained within a deep breath of fresh air, a gasp at a pleasant surprise, and the exhale of a plant that yields a fine and floral fragrance. It is in the spirit of the beauty of life contained within breath in its many forms that we introduce a brand new formulation of the finest essential oils. Meant to transport you into a place of sweet, fragrant serenity, and formulated with oils of Lavender, Lemon, Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile and Petit Grain, Buddha s Breath essential oil blend is the perfect botanical accouterment to your natural bliss bouquet.

Lavender essential oil is known throughout the world as a calming and grounding essential oil with a sweet and slightly herbal scent. Perfect for use on young and old alike, it adds a trusted calming element to the Buddha s Breath blend.

Lemon essential oil is known to greatly enhance mental concentration and clarity while simultaneously reducing stress. It brings a lightness of heart and mind to all who breathe it in, and imparts that same citrus sunshine into this blend.

Sandalwood is an exotic and sacred essential oil with potent mind elevating and aphrodisiac properties. The smell adds a slight woody scent to the blend, along with sweet syrup undertones.

Roman Chamomile is one of the best herbs for relaxation, and is especially suitable for children and those who struggle with sleeping. The aroma has a light sweetness that helps to round out those sometimes rough, bitter edges.

Petit Grain is especially suited for soothing anxiety and insomnia, and is used throughout aromatherapy for the soft, calming effect it has on the mind. Petit Grain is actually a member of the citrus family, and has a floral, woody scent that blends perfectly with the rest of the oils.

Buddha s Breath is equally suitable for use in private label skincare formulations and as a natural perfume. May the aroma inspire the sacred breath of life within you, in all its sweet, heady, aromatic glory. The oils contained within this blend create a gorgeous botanical symphony of scents that relax the mind while also keeping it sharp, clear and focused. It s perfect for use in private label lotions, butters, crèmes, and massage oils, as well as a scent for private label hair care products and even candles. Buddha s Breath is as beautifying as it is relaxing, so use it in times where your mind, heart, and skin need a little boost of beauty.
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