Build Your Beauty with Our Seaweed 4-Pack

Seaweed is one of the most beautifying and therapeutic private label skincare ingredients on the planet. With all 92 minerals, plenty of polysaccharides, antioxidants and skin regenerative vitamins, you d be hard pressed to find a plant that could pack as much punch as seaweed. So naturally, it made perfect sense for us to create a seaweed packed bundle of skincare love to make sure your skin, or your customers , didn t have to go without it.

The pack is comprised of four products: our Seaweed Elixir Mask, Seaweed Wash and our Seaweed Bio-Complex Toner and Lotion. Each product helps to protect the skin from solar radiation, collagen degradation and water loss for an effortlessly youthful and balanced complexion. Because a complete and bioavailable mineral profile is so hard to come by these days, it is extremely important to seek out and use a high quality source for your skin. Minerals are essential for the basic building, formation and repair of the skin. Without them, the skin hangs limp, sad, mottled and sallow. A private label skincare regimen that features a highly bioavailable seaweed mineral complex is thus paramount to well formed and easily healed skin.

Spritz your face daily with our seaweed infused toner, cleanse away impurities while imparting deep skin nutrition with our cleanser, soften and firm with our daily lotion and deliver a weekly blast of extra skin support with our seaweed mask. And because each private label formula also contains anti aging Aloe Vera and skin supportive, collagen building and fine line filling ingredients like MSM, botanical Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin B5, you can trust that not a skin issue imaginable could go un-addressed with each comprehensive seaweed formula.

You can guard your skin, and the skin of your customers, from the aging effects of the sun, the skin shriveling effects of cellular water loss and the collagen damaging properties of stress and improper care with seaweed. Give your skin the highest gift- true skin nutrition taken straight from the bounteous seas and delivered right into your cells. For a private label skincare line that s ready to go, potent yet gentle, pure and effective, try our Seaweed Infused 4-pack. For your own daily regimen, or that of your customers, you ll be hard pressed to find something better.

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