Candle Tips

Candle making can be tough when you are out of practice.  Candle making can even seem a little dangerous because it involves hot wax.  It is also confusing on how much dyes and fragrances to use in candle making.

Picking what dye you want to use can be tricky.  No matter the color it is always important to read the box, especially the warnings.  The dye is very potent and powerful.  Be very careful because you can dye your clothes, counters, and stovetop very easily if you are not careful.

You also need to be careful with the dye because if it gets too hot then the color may change.  Adding the dye slowly is a good idea as well.  This way you can make sure to get the exact shade that you want.  It is always easier to add color then to take it away.

Working with fragrances can be just as tricky as working with dyes.  The same rule of less is more still applies.  Mixing too much fragrance in the wax can make it hard to get the candle out of the mold.  The worst thing is that the fragrance of the candle will not be pleasant but it will be nauseating.

Pouring the wax slowly into the mold is a great tip.  Pouring slowly will create fewer spills and messes.  It will prevent possible burns and the candle will have a nice shape.

Another great tip is to clean up the spills immediately.  Cleaning them up quickly is easier than waiting because the wax is still in liquid form.  It will also help to prevent stains on your counters if you are working with dyes.

The last great tip is to make sure to clean your kitchen or area before you start.  This way you can see what spills you are currently making and can clean them immediately.  It will also make your experience more enjoyable.

Making candles is even more enjoyable when you can make them unique.  Put your creativity into your candles.  Think of something that you do best and incorporate it into your candles.

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