Carrier Oils for Sun Protection

The sun is not your enemy. Your skin needs sunlight. However, it does not need so much sunlight that it ends up getting burned. And while making sure you cover up and even apply some natural sunscreen in order to prevent getting sunburned are good practices to have, there are also private label carrier oils you can use to help your skin stay protected from the sun. Though not exactly the same as putting on sunscreen, this is an important part of having healthy skin that knows how to better repair and protect itself. And best of all, you probably already have or use at least one of these oils.

When considering sun protection, remember that a large part of your skin s ability to stay burn-free comes from the presence of antioxidants. By applying antioxidant rich carrier oils to your skin on a regular basis, you can ensure that your skin has extra sun protection back up. Carrier oils like Rosehip Seed, Seabuckthorn, Tamanu and Jojoba are all excellent carrier oils to apply on a regular basis for their antioxidant content. Not only do they work right away at making your skin younger looking and healthy, but they boost your skin s ability to fight the oxidizing rays of the sun.

Raw African Shea butter is another private label skincare carrier oil that has some naturally occurring sun protective qualities. Aside from the rich antioxidant content, it boasts the presence of something known as cinnamic acid, and this cinnamic acid has very mild, but very real, SPF factors that can help you in your overall sun protection strategy. Some people also like to use Coconut oil on their skin to help with sun protection for much the same reasons as those listed above. The Coconut oil simply helps to maintain optimal skin health and arm your skin with the kind of antioxidants and other building blocks it needs in order to stay adaptable.

If you want, you even make your own DIY sun nourishment blend using some, or all, of the private label skincare oils listed above. Use it during the sunny, and not so sunny months in order to keep your skin in tiptop shape and to aid in your sun protective and skin regenerating efforts. Additionally, these oils are all very gentle and safe, so even if you have rather sensitive skin, you may actually find that they help your skin to normalize. Whatever you do, don t let the sun stop you from living your life. Take the appropriate precautions and then get out there! 
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