Cleaning with Aroma Rich Essential Oils

Do you wish that you could look forward to cleaning? I may not be able to help you to love cleaning, but I can help to make it a much more pleasant experience. Using the right essential oils when cleaning will help to make the process more calm and relaxing.

So many regular cleaning products contain harsh and harmful chemicals that can cause skin rashes and irritation and dont smell good at all! Many of these can even make children and pets ill when they are used on surfaces like floors and counters.

Making your very own cleaning products with natural products including essential oils is one way to make cleaning less of a dreadful, daily chore. You can make most of the products that you use for cleaning including counter cleaner, floor cleaner and even window cleaner.

My favorite, all time, all purpose cleaning blend is below. Not only do I get a therapeutic aroma when cleaning, my home stays fresh and bright smelling too.

Lemon All-Purpose, All Natural Cleaner

In a spray bottle, add clean, room temperature water

Add 3 tablespoons of a perfume and chemical free soap

Add 12 drops of lemon oil

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