Clear Skin with Sandalwood

Sandalwood natural essential oil comes from a tree in Australia.  The natives to Australia, Aborigines, ate the nuts and fruit from the sandalwood tree to help with minor health problems.  The natural essential oil from the sandalwood tree can also help with the clean skin.

Sandalwood natural essential oil can help clear skin. 

A great topical mixture is one tablespoon of sandalwood power, one tablespoon of turmeric powder, and a little honey.  Mix until it turns into a paste and apply on the affected areas of the skin.  This will help clear your skin and blemishes.

Dry itchy skin or sensitive skin can be relieved using sandalwood.  Just use a little milk, camphor oil, and sandalwood powder.  Rashes can also be relieved with the addition of lime juice to the previous mixture.

Oily complexions can also be relieved using rosewater and sandalwood.  It helps by soaking up the excess oil and fixing current problems.  It will also help clearing the skin from occurring by preventing blockages.

After having skin problem most people have large pores.  You can appear the size of your pores by mixing sandalwood powder, gram powder, and rosewater or milk or honey. 

Sandalwood is very fragrant. If you do not like the smell, there is another option.  Red sandalwood has no fragrance but it is just as effective.

Sandalwood helps with just the symptoms of bad skin.  It is still important to use other products to get to the root of poor skin problems.  There are so side effects because it is a natural treatment, but a mild rash may occur.

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