Cold Process or hot process soap?

In the soap making process, making cold process soap and hot process soap is quite different. Often the end products look alike and it is difficult to tell them apart. The usual commercial soap purchased at a store is made using the hot process, as it is much faster to make.

In the hot soap making process larger batches can be made in a shorter processing time, thus maximizing profits. In manufacturing the soap, the glycerin in the soap is removed as a by-product from the heating process, along with the waste product, lye. This cooked soap lacking glycerin dries our skin.

Glycerin is a natural humectant, drawing moisture to our skin. This maintains the proper water balance and makes our skin feel soft. The glycerin removed during the hot soap making process is isolated from the waste products and sold separately as expensive beauty bars, supplied to spas and beauty parlors.

To the cooked soap, devoid of glycerin, synthetic fillers and fragrances are added. Artificial moisturizers are also added to overcome the drying effect of the soap. These synthetic ingredients may cause skin irritation and allergies may develop over time.

Many people develop overly dry skin from using commercial products. Mothers who wash their hands often are particularly affected. Some manufacturers add natural essential oils to their soaps in an effort to improve them, but the effect is spoiled by the other chemical substances present in the soap.

In the cold soap making process, the glycerin remains intact in the soap since it isn't subjected to any heat. Most natural handmade soap manufacturers make soap on a small or meduim scale. Personal attention is paid to the soap making process.

Using all natural ingredients in the soap increases the benefits of using it. Natural handmade soap can improve your skin. People suffering from sensitive skin, dry skin, or other skin ailments may benefit greatly by switching to a cold process soap made from natural ingredients.

Cold process soap gently cleanses without drying. Made without harmful chemicals or other synthetic ingredients, all natural soap will increase your peace of mind. Make the switch today and feel the difference tomorrow.

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