Cosmetics and Skincare

Have you ever noticed varying degrees of good looking cosmetics? Have you ever asked yourself, Why does she look naturally flawless while she looks like she s wearing a mask? The answer is simple, and it lays in having a healthy complexion for which to apply cosmetics upon.

Makeup needs to blend into your skin and become a part of your look instead of covering your look. If you have dry skin with buildup on the surface than your cosmetics cannot blend into your skin! They sit on top and can be clearly differentiated from the skin underneath. If your skin is too oily than your foundations will gather in certain areas and drift away from others, making your look blotchy. If your skin is rough your cosmetics will go on roughly, heightening the unevenness of your complexion instead of smoothing it out. Keeping your skin healthy and balanced is necessary to look your best in your cosmetics. It is key to address your skin health before your cosmetic application to ensure a smooth, beautiful face. Whether it be foundation, eye makeup, or lipstick your skin needs to be regularly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized, with respect to your skin type, in order to wear cosmetics well.

Every morning before you apply your look of the day follow a skin care regimen designed for your skin type. To make sure your cosmetics don t work against you as you sleep, repeat your system before bed. If you are balancing your skin from a dry or oily condition be patient and do not over do it. Your skin will balance with time and repetition. If you must, intermediate your morning and night routine once or twice a day with oil blotting sheets for an oily complexion, and a light moisturizer upon a makeup-less face for a dry one. However, be careful! If you over wash, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize you will only cause further damage to your complexion. For advice in regard to creating a skin care system designed just for you read our article, Skin Care Tips for the Face. With diligence and care you can have a healthy, glowing face to put forth to the world. Find a regimen that works for you and stick to it! In no time your cosmetics will look like movie magic.

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