Cucumber Hydrosol: The Perfect Summer Skin Spritz

With summer in full swing, keeping cool and protected should be at the top of your skin care priorities. And depending on where you live, it can be terribly sticky or dry outside. Either way, the last thing you want is a beauty product that mixes with your sweat and feels heavy on the face. So how can you still care for your skin in the hot summer months without feeling like you have an extra layer of sticky- and maybe even pore clogging- weight on your skin? The answer lies in one of nature s most splendid and delicate creations; cucumber hydrosol.

Cucumbers are wonderful for the skin! They feel very cooling, which makes cucumber hydrosol an ideal beauty staple for the summer months. Instead of applying a moisturizer or serum, just spritz with a cooling and refreshing hydrosol!  

Hydrosols are the plant-essence-filled dewdrops left over from the essential oil making process, and are a delicate and cost effective way to bring the intrinsic intelligence of plants into your private label skin care. They are very much like an essential oil in that they contain all the information within the plant, but because they are botanically-infused waters, the result is a much more delicate and gentle product.

When used in private label skin care manufacturing, we recommend using hydrosols as the base for your product formulations. This way, plain water is replaced with a hydrating, bright and botanically-revived liquid that adds an extra dimension of intelligence to your product. Purchased as a wholesale cosmetic, cucumber hydrosol makes a wonderful toner or linen and room spray.

Cucumber hydrosol's scent uplifts while its chemistry makes the skin feel soft and soothed. It is the perfect multidimensional summer skin spritz. If you desire a refreshed and revitalized complexion and ingredient deck, then cucumber hydrosol is just the thing for you!

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