Dead Sea Salts Skin Care Benefits

Salt from the Dead Sea has been used for thousands of years to treat skin and for various health ailments. Its legendary healing powers are the worst kept secret in medicine and nearly everyone is familiar with the many benefits contained in these wonderful salts. Cleopatra, the legendary queen of the Nile, used Dead Sea salts to maintain her youthful beauty. She even had factories built along the shores of the Dead Sea to harvest these precious minerals. Today, Dead Sea salts are still harvested and many spas and health centers are built near the shore as well.

Salt from the Dead Sea differs from other types of salt because it actually has a low sodium content, only 10% as opposed to the 90% found in regular sea salt. Dead Sea salt contains many other minerals that are very beneficial to the body, including calcium, magnesium, bromine, and potassium. These minerals occur naturally in the body, but can be depleted by everyday life. Salt from the Dead Sea can replenish these minerals and restore the body to a healthier, natural state.

Dead Sea salts are particularly beneficial for the skin and can be use to treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The wrinkles and dullness of skin associated with aging can also be improved through the use of Dead Sea salts. Salts from the Dead Sea can be used in bath salts, scrubs, lotions, creams, and cosmetics to infuse and revitalize the skin with the valuable nutrients contained within.

In ancient times, people suffering from all kinds of afflictions would travel great distances to find relief from the healing waters of the Dead Sea. Although the Dead Sea still has many visitors each year, it is no longer necessary to travel great distances to benefit from these amazing salts. They are continually harvested, packaged and sold in a variety of forms for those who wish to take advantage of their healing properties.

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