DIY Bath Salts: An Ancient Trick for Health and Beauty

Bathing is a long-standing health and beauty ritual. From the ancient Japanese onsen tradition to Cleopatra s cosmetic regimen, baths feature prominently in the customs of people who know and care about health and beauty. A great way to make your bath an extra-luxurious event is with DIY bath salts. 

At RainShadow Labs, we highly recommend you use our wonderful Dead Sea Salt for your DIY project. Dead Sea salt contains 21 different minerals that improve your well-being at a cellular level, including magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, zinc, and calcium. It s known to heal skin issues, relieve muscle pain, reduce joint inflammation, soothe stress and detox illness. RainShadow Labs offers both Dead Sea salts and additional spa-grade bath salts if you are looking to make different blends! 

Once you ve got your salts, the next step is to scent them. When perfuming your bath salts, you want to use only high-grade, natural essential oils. When you bathe, your pores open up and your skin becomes permeable. If there are toxins in the water due to synthetic fragrance, those toxins get absorbed by the skin and then enter the bloodstream. Definitely not ideal for a health and beauty treatment! 

For a soothing, tranquil bath we love using Lavender, Chamomile or Sage essential oils. For beautifying experience, essential oils of Rose and Magnolia are ideal. For warming up on a cold night you can use Cinnamon, Cardamom, or Clove. And if you ve gotten sick, try adding to your salts an essential oil like Eucalyptus or RainShadow Labs Legendary Blend of Thieves

Once you ve got your salt and your chosen essential oil, making your own bath salts for yourself and others is easier than batting an eyelash. Just combine 2 cups of Salt and 15-30 drops of fragrance in a sealable container and you re set for your own, luxurious Cleopatra experience! Here s to your health and beauty!
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