Don t Want A Body Butter? Try Souffle!

Do you like the deep moisture offered by body butters, but don t feel so crazy about the heavier texture? We have just the solution for you! Deeply moisturizing like a body butter, and with an airy, light texture, our private label body soufflé is the perfect solution for those of us who want a balance between texture and moisture. Use it morning or night for silky smooth skin that s happily hydrated without feeling weighed down.

An extra dose of skin tightening and hydrating Aloe Vera starts this body soufflé off right as the Aloe delivers its special blend of anti aging polysaccharides and vitamin E for skin that feels tight, toned, smooth and hydrated. It also helps to keep the texture of the body soufflé light. Silky smooth and vitamin E rich Olive oil is added to the mix for a luscious dose of skin cell rejuvenating and wrinkle preventing love. Extremely stable and balancing Jojoba blends with the Olive oil for a dual functioning moisture splash of golden goodness.

Antioxidants of green tea and the ever skin protective Shea butter top this delectably light private label skincare formulation off for a veritable slurry of light yet thorough hydration. This body soufflé formula is perfect as a gift, for personal use, or as a superb addition to your own private label skincare lineup. Safe for use on adults, children and skin of all types and levels of thirst, you can also add your own fragrance agent of choice for a customizable moisturizing experience.

With 70% organic ingredients, even the most picky and discerning of private label skincare users will find themselves in love with the light and luscious texture of our soufflé moisture balm. It s great as an upgrade to normal lotion during massages, and you can add a custom essential oil blend for aroma therapeutic benefits and a scent that can easily double as an all over body perfume of sorts.

You don t have to choose between a thick body butter or a thin lotion. You can have the best of both worlds. Give yourself, and your customers the deep moisture of a body butter and the light airy texture of a mousse with our body soufflé for light, fluffy, enjoyable moisture every time.

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