Essential Oils for Anger, Depression, and Anxiety

How stressed out are you?  Do you always feel like you have a hundred balls in the air?  You work all day doing the job of two to three people and you didn't get a raise when they laid off the other person in your department and transferred their responsibilities to you.  When you come home there is still more.   And then, when you finally get a break, you can t relax.  You re too wound up from your day.  That s where using Essential Oils comes in!

How Essential Oils Work

Essential oils have chemical constructions that both heal physical wounds and soothe emotional issues.  Essential Oil molecules are microscopically small.  Because of that, they have the ability to cross the brain-blood barrier and deliver themselves to the amygdala, limbic system, and hypothalamus parts of the brain.  These areas are where our emotions and hormones are regulated.  So, just by inhaling essential oils, you can quickly minimize stress, anxiety and depression in no time!

Let s look at how soothe some common feelings with Essential Oils.

Sure you re angry.  You ve been working like a maniac and you re still not sure if you can cover your costs.  Jeez - is this what life is supposed to be like? You want things to be different and you re working toward that.  In the meantime, it doesn t help to walk around with a lot of pent up fire inside.  Take some time to cool down by using Ylang Ylang, Rose, or Orange Essential Oils.  

Sometimes when things look bleak and have for a while, you start to think nothing will ever change.  Hello Depression.  Feeling low is understandable, but life is better when you can move through it with hope and optimism.  To ease your apathy, despair, discouragement and disappointment try using Bergamot, Geranium, Melissa or Roman Chamomile Essential Oils.

Always feeling like the rug is going to be pulled from underneath you? Nothing is worse than constant fear and agitation.  You want to be on alert, but this level of vigilance is taking a toll.  You need to soothe your restless spirit and stay focused. Try using
Rosemary Essential Oil or Peppermint Oil.  These Essential Oils clear the fog, increase concentration, and reduce stress.  If you are prone to panic attacks, you want to use Vetiver Essential Oil and Rose to ground you and restore a sense of well being.

You need times of peace in your life.  So take moments throughout the day to inhale or massage a little RainShadow Labs Essential Oil into your temples.  Relax your mind and being!
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