Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Season

With autumn s drop in temperatures and change in colors also comes cold and flu season. Whether it s a stuffy nose or aching stomach, pounding head or clogged ears, having a cold or getting the flu has got to be the worst part of the change of seasons. But it doesn t have to be that way! You can cruise through the fall and winter with a pep in your step and no ache in your head with a little bit of help from your botanical friends. 

Private label essential oils are used for a multitude of purposes, and while they have absolutely no trouble kicking butt in the skincare and aromatherapy departments, they also do a fabulous job when it comes to keeping our immune systems protected. It s as easy as diffusing a few drops throughout your house, placing a dab on your temples, or taking a refreshing whiff right from the bottle. 

While there are plenty of essential oils that work perfectly well on their own, this blog just wouldn t be complete without mentioning our Legendary Thieves essential oil blend. This private label blend of potent and protective essential oils has a rich history of use that extends into the present as an effective and aromatic elixir for protecting our bodies against harmful pathogens that could make us sick.

Spicy cinnamon, aromatic clove, enlivening lemon, refreshing eucalyptus and herbaceous rosemary all team up in this proprietary private label blend to make your immune protecting strategy easy, comprehensive and effective. 

If a blend isn t for you, then simply use one of the Legendary Blend of Thieves essential oils on their own. Each has a wonderful aroma and can easily be used the same as the entire blend. Or, if you already have a few essential oils at home or want to try something different, try Roman Chamomile, Tea Tree or Pine. Lavender essential oil can also be used, which is especially great if you have children and want to use something they ll be familiar with. You can also experiment with making your own essential oil blend with your collection of private label essential oils for a truly custom aroma therapeutic experience.

Let your preventative approach to cold and flu season be easy, fun and truly sweet smelling with private label essential oils. Diffuse a custom blend throughout your home, dab a little on before you go out, or get creative and create your own mix. Whatever method you choose, you re sure to enjoy the simple yet profound immune protective properties of essential oils.
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