Essential Oils for Meditation

Caring for the mind and spirit is equally as important as caring for the body. Meditation is a practice that has been used throughout time to maintain the connection between the mind, body and spirit so we can meet the needs of all three. While prayer is meant to help us speak to a divine power, meditation is meant to help us clear our minds and listen to receive enlightenment and empowerment from our Creator, nature, and ourselves. Meditation is also used to refocus the mind, promote relaxation and enhance spiritual growth.

Meditation requires concentration to keep the mind free from distraction. In order to do this, a person should focus on their inner self. Practicing monitored, even breathing helps keep the mind from straying and interrupting your peace. Using aromatherapy in conjunction with meditation can help you focus and relax.

Different essential oils provide different benefits. Choose the essential oil that best meets your meditation objective:

  • Grounding. Staying focused is the key to productive meditation and there are essential oils available to help you do that. Sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, vetiver and bergamot or a combination of these oils can help focus the mind and dispel anxiety.
  • Relaxation. For an overactive mind, try using essential oils during meditation to help you turn off your thoughts and relax. Lavender, clary sage, atlas sandalwood, and neroli can all be used to help you to relax and listen.
  • Spiritual Enlightenment. The concerns of life can make it difficult to focus on spiritual things and have a successful meditation. Diffusing frankincense and/or helichrysum during meditation can help you feel more connected to your spiritual self.

To use essential oils during meditation, diffuse them using an oil burner or diffuser. If you don t have one of these, just add a few drops of the desired oil(s) to a bowl of steaming hot water or kettle and place it in the room with you during meditation.

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