Essential Oils for Oral Care

Essential oils are some of the most powerful natural substances you can find. They are pure plant wisdom, and in the private label skincare world they offer a host of effective solutions for everything from sweet smelling aromas to anti aging answers. They also do a wonderful job of protecting and cleaning your teeth. Easy to use, effective, and long lasting, essential oils are a DIYer s best friend and a strong private label ally when it comes to oral care.

One of the most accessible and familiar essential oils for oral care is Peppermint. It has a flavor that virtually everyone associates with a clean, healthy mouth and only a drop or two is needed for successful tooth and mouth cleaning. It also successfully kills the bacteria responsible for tooth decay and is an excellent anti inflammatory, making it a great oil for anyone struggling with inflamed gums.

Clove essential oil is another potent anti bacterial essential oil that can be used in dental care. Because it is so strong and potent it is important to note that it must be diluted before use, but don t let that stop you! Clove essential oil, aside from killing nasty bacteria inside the mouth, is great for helping to numb a toothache. It helps to heal and prevent gum infections, and pleasantly freshens the breath.

Cinnamon essential oil is another powerfully potent botanical that must first be diluted before used in the mouth. It is very effective at killing harmful bacteria in the mouth and encourages regenerative and healing blood flow to the gums. It makes the breath smell fresh and clean, and because a little goes such a long way, it can last for a very long time. It also blends wonderfully with both Clove and Peppermint essential oils, so making your own private label essential oil blend for your mouth, or to add to your tooth care products is very easy and economical.

Just a drop or two of one, or all, of these three essential oils can keep your mouth feeling fresh, clean and tooth-rot free. They taste good, can be blended together and with a neutral carrier oil, and will last a very long time. Place a drop in some salt water for a homemade mouthwash, mix with baking soda and/or clay for some homemade toothpaste, or use them as is. Whatever way you do it, you ll have a clean mouth, fresh breath and pearly whites.
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