Finding a Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer

Finding the very best private label skin care manufacturer is perhaps the single most important decision you will make as you launch your personal care product brand.  To assist you in this decision here are some things to consider: 

First, remember that you are seeking a strategic partner that will be responsible for the manufacturing portion of your business.  You are counting on them to manufacture a safe and effective product.  Finding a credible manufacturer requires due diligence.  A personal recommendation is always helpful but if you do not know an industry insider you may consider advice from an industry trade group.  Industry trade groups tend to be unbiased and thus a more trusted source of information about the skin care industry.  They also have access to a database of private label skin care manufacturers.

Once you have sourced some credible candidates, start by asking them basic questions like how long they have been in business.  Like a candidate in a job interview, experience in private label skin manufacturing matters and you are putting your money, your brand reputation and your formulations into their hands.  So before you ask any other question, ask them how many years they have been in business.

Next, be certain to pay attention to the service you are receiving BEFORE you have a signed contract.  The kind of care and attention that you are receiving as you explore says everything about what kind of care and attention you will receive after you have a signed manufacturing contract.  A high quality manufacturer will care about your business before before you are their customer.  If they are responsive during your exploration process they are likely be responsive when they are your chosen manufacturer.

Of course the price of the private label skin manufacturers services matters and your ability to deliver your product profitability will determine your long-term success.  But also remember that the stated price is not always the true finished price.  Hidden costs to your final product cost are important to note, including a manufacturing minimum.  While higher order minimums often reduce the per-unit cost they also require significantly more up-front investment capital and cash to carry the product as inventory.  Sometimes lower minimums with a higher per unit price tag may actually be cheaper if you explore these factors. 

In addition, some private label skin care manufacturers charge for additional services like supplying the shipping containers and many even reuse shipping boxes in a manner that risks damage to your product once it leaves the dock.  Also, the geographic location of the manufacturer will impact the finished price by adding transportation costs associated with longer shipping distances.

Finally, the exploration into a private label skin care manufacturer will deepen your experience and knowledge of the personal care products industry and you will begin to get a better sense of who the savvy private label skin care manufacturers are.  These manufacturers are on the cutting edge of the industry and are working with the hottest brands and helping them to launch lines with unique and effective raw materials.  This is the manufacturer you want!

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