Flower Power with Lavender, Rose and Neroli

The art of perfumery began in ancient Egypt and humans have been enjoying the scents of nature and her wonders ever since. Whether the perfume is natural or synthetic, the inspiration for its scent no doubt comes from flowers and the myriad of scent-sual wonders they so kindly offer our noses. When made into essential oils, these flower essences can be blended together to create sweet smelling and therapeutic natural perfumes. At RainShadow Labs, we especially love our flower-based blend of Lavender, Rose, and Neroli essential oils to inspire, calm, heal and harmonize.

Lavender essential oil is a well known and commonly used oil that is soothing to the mind, skin, and senses. Its aroma is floral with some herbaceous notes and is often used to help those who struggle with falling asleep and anxiety. Lavender also helps the body to better adapt to stress, making one more resilient and relaxed at the same time, and has also been used with great success in the treatment of scars and burns.

Neroli essential oil possesses a honey-sweet aroma that is distilled from the flowers of the Tunisian orange tree and gets its name from a 17th century Italian princess who used it to perfume her clothing and baths. Neroli essential oil is calming to the nervous system and also provides an uplifting boost for the heart. This floral oil is known to be an exotic aphrodisiac, inspiring love and feelings of desire in all who inhale her sweet nectar.

Rose essential oil is one of the most beautifying and classic of all essential oils and is considered the queen of essential oils as far as beauty is concerned. It is used in private label skin care formulations to create skin as soft as its own petals. Its aroma is feminine, floral, and light, and is beneficial to the nervous system as well as a troubled mind. Rose opens the heart and is said to benefit those who suffer from sadness, melancholy, and depression.

Together, these three oils make up a blend that is a beautiful bouquet of sweet scents and beneficial aroma therapeutic properties. It s absolutely wonderful used as a natural perfume, and can also be added into different private label skin care formulations for aromatherapy and natural fragrance. Inspire a well of calm serenity, deep desire, and lightness in your heart with Lavender, Neroli, and Rose.

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