Fragrance Vs. Essential Oils: Which One Is Better?

Whether you re a conscious consumer or have your own private label skin care line, the question is bound to come up: Should I use fragrance or essential oils ? Which one smells better, and what about allergies and shelf life? There is a case to be made for both, and while some think that all fragrances are bad, in reality there are some natural fragrances that are simply proprietary essential oil blends. Following is the RainShadow Labs take on essential oils vs. fragrance for private label skincare.

Essential oils are the potent and therapeutic distillates of plants. They can be made from flowers, leaves, bark, roots, and even grasses, and there are a few different ways to do so. The two main methods used to create an essential oil are known as distillation and expression, while the method used to create Absolutes (such as Rose Absolute) is called a solvent extraction. All of these methods produce high quality, medicinal essential oils that can be used in private label skincare products.

Aside from having beautiful scents, essential oils also provide other therapeutic functions in private label skincare, be it anti aging, soothing, pain relieving, or even moisturizing. Essential oils also contain naturally occurring antioxidants that act as natural preservatives, which can help in extending the shelf life of your products.

Typical fragrances are usually artificial and chemically based, and they serve the same aromatic purpose as an essential oil when used in a private label product. However, there can be a difference when it comes to natural fragrances. Many times, a natural fragrance is either made with a high percentage of natural ingredients and is considered much safer than a synthetic fragrance, or it is actually a proprietary blend of essential oils. Either way, there is a smaller chance of the product being irritating to those with more sensitive noses and skin, or to those who suffer from allergies.

Here at RainShadow Labs, we prefer to use essential oils or natural fragrances because they are safer, do not contain harmful chemicals that can cause irritations, and they actually smell better than their synthetic counterparts! There s no reason to sacrifice quality in your brand, and you can have a gorgeous smelling product without compromising the integrity of your formulas. Whether you decide to go with fragrance or essential oils, you can relax and know that you ve made the right choice and that your private label formulas will come out smelling divine.

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