Fulfillment Services

You have made the decision to go with a private label skincare manufacturing company. You have chosen what formulas you would like for your product line, they have gone into production, they are completed, they ve been tested, and you have plugged them into your sales distribution system. Yikes!! You discover that they are selling like hotcakes and you cannot keep up with fulfilling the orders!!! You are falling behind and your customers are delayed in receiving their products. What now? That's where fulfillment services comes in.

Fulfillment is the process of receiving, processing, and mailing orders for your products. Some companies choose to perform fulfillment in-house while others choose to outsource this function to a third party, full-service fulfillment operation.

Like a private label skin care manufacturer, a fulfillment company is a link in the chain of your business and will relieve you from the stress of warehousing, tracking inventory, taking orders, labeling, assembling, packaging, and shipping. You can either hire your own staff, find your own space, purchase your own equipment, and spend your own time fulfilling orders or you can outsource these tasks and focus on refining, expanding, and marketing your business.

Fulfillment houses can include all or some of the following services:
  • Storage
  • Product Labeling
  • Kit Assemblage
  • Specialized Packaging
  • Order Processing Services
  • Return/Exchange Processing Services
  • CD/DVD Replication Services
  • Inbound Call Center Services
  • Tracking Inventory Services
  • Connection to Marketing Affiliate Companies
  • Rebate/Sweepstake Services
When choosing a fulfillment service to partner with, make sure to keep in mind the geographical proximity to your private label skin care manufacturer and to the largest percentage of your distributors and/or customers since this will affect your shipping costs. Also make sure to have a clear cut understanding between you and the vendor as to what services will be fulfilled. RainShadow Labs wishes the best to you and all of your fulfillment endeavors! Ever higher and ever upwards!
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