Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Having healthy hair can make a big difference in your overall appearance and contributes to your hair s manageability. The health of your whole body will be reflected in your hair, so taking good care of yourself is essential to improving your hair. There are several things you can do to help get your hair and your body in shape:

  • Exercise: Your circulation improves with regular exercise, which can help your hair to grow faster and look healthier.
  • Hydration: Just like your skin, your hair needs ample hydration to keep from drying out.
  • Chemistry: Using the right products for your hair type is essential to having healthy hair. Avoid harsh chemicals and products that contain alcohol. If your hair is prone to dryness, decrease your frequency of shampooing to help alleviate the problem.
  • Relax: Stress can be damaging to hair and cause hair loss. A scalp massage can stimulate hair growth and increase the flow of nutrients. Getting enough sleep improves the health of your whole body.

Following a few other styling tips can help you to look your best, no matter what type of hair you have:

Dry or damaged
It s important to follow every shampooing with a good rinse-out conditioner and to use a leave-in conditioner on a daily basis. Using a heat activated conditioner once a week can also help with repairs. Using hair care products that are fortified with protein will give your hair the tools it needs for healing and improvement and will increase growth. Avoid using heated styling tools like flattening irons and blow driers, as this will exacerbate the problem. Having frequent trims will keep the damaged ends on your hair from spreading upwards and will make your hair look healthier.

Fine or limp hair
There are a few tricks you can try to give your hair a fuller appearance. After washing your hair, apply mousse to the roots of your hair, then follow-up by blow drying your hair upside down. If you still want to add some more volume, use a fine toothed comb to gently tease the roots of your dry hair. Once your hair is done, avoid brushing it because this will decrease the volume you ve created.

Frizz and flyaways
Use a deep conditioner to prevent breakage. You might see some improvement if you rinse with cold water after washing because this helps to seal the cuticle of the hair to give it a smoother appearance. Style your hair wet and then avoid touching it once it s dried, as this will increase frizziness. Use a dryer sheet or hand cream to reduce frizziness between washings. A cream infused with lavender or rosemary essential oils will be especially beneficial for your hair.

Curly hair
Hydration is key because the hair s natural oils have a hard time making it down to the bottom of a curly hair shaft. Curly hair doesn t need to be shampooed more than once or twice a week, but it needs to be conditioned every day. Avoid washing your hair in hot water because this strips your hair of its natural oils, which causes frizziness and dry ends. Rinsing in cool water will seal the cuticle and prevent drying. Use a soft cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a terrycloth towel because it is gentler and less drying. Once your hair is dry, avoid touching it to preserve the curls and avoid frizz.

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