How to Apply Natural Makeup

Everyone knows why we should purchase natural cosmetics. We have all heard the many advantages that they have to offer. Not only are natural cosmetics healthier for your body because they don't contain harmful chemicals, they also are better for your skin.

People who do not want irritated skin know they need to purchase natural cosmetics. A lot of people even choose to buy wholesale cosmetics in bulk. They purchase natural wholesale cosmetics because they want to share their favorite cosmetics with their family and friends. People who choose to use their wholesale cosmetics for business aren't making a bad choice either.

When you purchase natural products you also need to know how to use them. They have to be applied carefully to get the full benefits. It doesn't take a lot of time to learn how to apply them.

When applying natural foundation you should apply it with a brush, like a kabuki brush. Use the brush to apply the foundation to your face, starting at the jaw line. Brush foundation in circles and apply more foundation as needed. You should have only a little bit of foundation on the brush in the beginning, but should apply small amounts as you move your way up the face. You can experiment with how much foundation looks good on your face.

Concealers can be applied with the finger or a concealer brush. A concealer brush has stiff bristles and a tapered point for application. Be sure to apply the concealer before you apply your foundation. The foundation and concealer should be able to blend really well together to make your face beautifully flawless.

The important thing to remember with foundation and concealer is to choose the right color. Even the best quality foundations will look awful on a person if it is the wrong color. Test out the foundation before hand to make sure it is the right color for your face.

Mineral eye shadow is a popular eye shadow that works similar to a foundation. Be sure to apply concealer to your eye lids to make sure the eye shadow sticks, and then use an eye shadow brush to apply. Mineral eye shadows offer the same fun colors of traditional eye shadows, but have more natural ingredients and are very easy to blend.

Natural blushes reflect light really well. You can easily mix shades with natural blushes to make different colored blushes. Apply blush by using a blush brush, and sweeping it across your cheeks.

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