How To Become A Holistic Skincare Entrepreneur

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a holistic skincare entrepreneur but don't know where to start? Although it can seem like there are so many new skincare brands launching, we promise there is room for you to build and launch a successful skincare business. In this blog, our resident esthetician shares valuable advice on how to start a natural skincare business.

Start With A Solid Foundation

The first step to building anything is starting with a solid foundation. We recommend starting with a simple business plan. Write down your vision and ask yourself questions. Would you like to sell your skincare products wholesale, direct to consumer, or both? Research a private label skincare manufacturer that meets your standards and formulates with a quality of care. How many products do you want to start with and why? Find quality packaging that resonates with the skincare brand you envision (sustainable, recyclable, reusable, refillable.) 

Formulating Your Skincare Products

If you have an idea for a product, perhaps even the ingredients you want to use but don't have a formula for, our team can step in to help you develop a completely custom formulation. Consider using our wide variety of private label skincare formulations for the basics, and add custom or semi-custom for your hero products. 

Define Your Brand's Niche

Let's get one thing out of the way: skincare is a saturated market, even clean beauty. Having a skincare product paired with a compelling, authentic brand story will help differentiate your brand. Your brand should be so clear that when your customer struggles with a specific skincare concern, they think of your product that solves that concern. How do you do this? You create a strong brand, a cleverly defined niche, and a fantastic skincare product. We recommend working with a branding expert if you need extra help with this. 

Figure Out Your Marketing Strategy

Once you've created your skincare brand, it's time to design a marketing strategy. Make your mark with your brand promise and your marketing prowess. Focus on packaging, market penetration, and getting feedback for future goals. One of the most troublesome parts of running a skincare business is marketing your products. Show up consistently on social media and have a powerful strategy.

Once you have a beautiful product with a strong story behind it, stellar packaging, a sleek website, and social media presence, you are ready to launch your skincare business! 

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