How to Build a Clientele as an Esthetician

Are you considering becoming a licensed esthetician? Maybe you've already started your career journey and are struggling to build your clientele. It may be a bit of a challenge to grow your spa clientele when you first start as a newly licensed esthetician. In this blog, we ask a trained esthetician to give us her best tips to find success in the industry.

Tips While in Your Esthetics Program

Before you graduate from your esthetics program, here are a few tips you can do while in school to set yourself up for success after you graduate. Our first tip is to try and get as many practice clients as you can while in school and work on perfecting your technique and having a calm and professional bedside manner. Secondly, have your instructors write you a recommendation letter to attach to your resume when applying for esthetician jobs when graduating. Lastly, remember that even after you graduate from your esthetics program, be sure to always continue your education by getting certified in various techniques.

Now that you have your esthetician job, it's time to start building up your clientele. Building client retention can be challenging and may take some time. Give your first-time clients a business card after their service and offer them a discount for their next appointment. Be sure to always give your client an available time slot for their next appointment before they checkout and pay for their service. Doing this will ensure that you have them on your schedule again before they checkout and leave the door!

Always do more than expected. If you have time between clients, offer your client a complimentary add-on service to their facial treatment like LED light therapy, high frequency, or facial cupping. Going above and beyond for your client can make the most significant difference in customer retention.

Being an esthetician is a fulfilling and rewarding career path, but it can also be strenuous when you have your schedule booked with back-to-back appointments. Be sure to avoid burnout by being aware of when your own body needs care. Our resident esthetician explains how she loves to do a foot soak with Epsom salts and essential oils to relax and unwind after a busy day at the spa. She encourages you to do what makes your body feel good and rested. To do your best, you need to feel your best!

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