How to Calm Irritable Skin with Oils

There are lots of reasons why someone s skin might be irritable, and not all of them are directly affected by skincare. But some are, and for those types of concerns, it s so helpful to have safe, simple and effective skincare solutions on hand for whenever you need them. In the case of skin that is easily irritable, your best bet is to rely on simple, high quality, cold pressed and organic carrier oils. The reason? Depending on the oil you use, they basically have everything your skin needs to calm down- and stay that way.

One of the best, easiest to find and extremely gentle oils for this is jojoba. This beautiful golden lipid is almost identical to your skin s own natural sebum, and as a result it is readily and easily utilized upon application. Many times people with irritable skin have their issue as a result of skin that is not properly nourished or otherwise out of balance. Jojoba is great in that it helps to rebalance your skin s own natural oil production while also delivering nourishing essential fatty acids and antioxidants like vitamin E. People with skin that is either too oily or too dry will love jojoba as it works to fix both issues and bring skin back to a state of beatiful balance.

Raw African shea butter is another fantastic oil for helping irritable skin. It is especially calming and balancing for those with flaky and thirsty skin, as well as skin that could use some protection from the elements. While it is certainly a very rich botanical butter, shea butter is actually non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn t clog pores! If you find that your skin is always thirsty, easily reddened and otherwise bothersome, raw shea butter would be an awesome addition to your skincare routine.

Tamanu oil is another fabulous oil for soothing irritable skin, and it can be used on both the face and the body with phenomenal results. It is a deeply nourishing and moisture rich oil with a smooth glide and seriously luscious texture that makes it the perfect body oil. If you find your skin is finicky, dry and/or sensitive, tamanu is a great tropical treat for your skin.

If you re not sure where to start, we recommend going the gentle and easy route and starting with jojoba oil. From there, you can branch out and see if your skin prefers a different oil. Of course, you can t go wrong with shea butter or tamanu either, but jojoba is a great basic place to start for those who need some initial introduction into the world of oils for skincare.

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