How to Manage Stress

Stress is a regular part of life.  Through change and everyday living, stress is experienced.  Even though everyone experiences stress, the effect of stress will vary greatly depending on the individual experiencing it.  And likewise, coping mechanisms for stress widely differ. The effect and management of stress will first depend on the type of stress.

There are two types of stress: acute and chronic stress. Acute stress comes and goes quickly and is only short term no matter the intensity. Chronic stress is long lasting. A person can experience chronic stress for weeks, months or even years.

Managing these two types of stress can be the key to improving a persons quality of life. If stress is left unchecked, it can lead to depression, disease, and general dissatisfaction with life.  There are many methods for stress management.

One of the biggest acute stressors is busy schedules.  People often lament that they are stressed out simply because they are unable to complete all of their daily tasks. This kind of stress could be better controlled by prioritizing.

Prioritizing can be as simple as a reevaluation of what is important in a daily or weekly to-do list.  Often times people are consumed with unimportant activities, and consequently, the more vital parts of an agenda are left off, causing more stress.  As a schedule is properly prioritized, significant items will get checked off first and undone items will only cause minimal stress.

So what about chronic stress? What is to be done for the kind of stress that doesnt go away after a busy day is over? These kinds of stresses can be managed through simple but effective methods.

One way to manage chronic stress is through regular exercise. Exercise gets the blood flowing through the body. The exercise should be fun if the goal is stress relief.  Some people choose yogic exercise because of the relaxation of mind and body that it offers.

Another great way to manage long-term stress is through the usage of natural essential oils.  Some natural essential oils can be used topically, or infused into living/work spaces to help relax the body.  Some natural essential oils have a calming effect that can trigger relaxation in the brain. Natural essential oils can be found in any health food/drug store and a wealth of information can be found online about the stress relieving properties of these essential oils.

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