How We Give Back

It s the holiday season, and while it s always fun to get, let s not forget to give! Many people find this to be the perfect time for giving gifts to loved ones and friends, regardless of the holidays you choose to celebrate. The holiday season often provides people with an excuse or a reminder to connect with those they love and even make the world a little bit better by reaching out to those less fortunate. While this is great and wonderful, what about the rest of the year? Should we only be giving back once a year? Here at RainShadow Labs we feel fortunate to have so much abundance and support from our customers and team, and as a result we try to give back to our community on the regular.

One of the ways we really love to give back is by supporting a local organization called Fences for Fido. Their mission is simple: free chained dogs so they can live life happy and free to run and play. Every weekend, rain or shine, their core team and a host of volunteers build a fence for that event s chosen Fidos. They do this free of charge to the families who own the dogs, and as a result of their awesome work many pups who used to get into trouble as a result of life on a chain (think routine escapes) are now safe and happy in their new fenced yards.

Another way we love to give back is by supporting the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation plants fruit trees in under served communities such as low income neighborhoods, Native American reservations and international hunger relief sites. We have even gotten our team out there before and sponsored an orchard planting here in Oregon- it was awesome! Planting fruit trees is a great way to build community and foster a fun and meaningful connection to the food we eat and the people we eat it with.

What are some ways that you like to give back all year? Maybe it s something as simple as being nice to people you don t know, donating clothes you no longer wear, or supporting an organization like Fences for Fido or the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. And don t forget that by choosing to shop from companies that regularly give back (like RainShadow) you are giving back as well. 

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