Introducing: The Body Perfecting Line

perfect skinYou probably spend a little bit of time every day on your face. Whether it s to apply a daily serum, wash and moisturize, or just a quick splash of water followed by your favorite carrier oil, the point here is that you know your skin needs daily anti aging protection in order to age gracefully and with health. But what about the skin on the rest of your body? Though it is often covered by clothes, it shouldn t be left to fend for itself, forgotten or kept as an afterthought. However, the skin on our bodies often is forgotten and left as an afterthought, and we just couldn t stand it any longer. So, we came up with this: the Body Perfecting Line.

The Body Perfecting Line is the private label skincare solution to all over anti aging. The same fantastic ingredients that protect, heal and youthen your face can now work their magic all over your body. Plant stem cells provide superior collagen formation and cellular support, Niacinamide increases circulation and heals dark spots and discolorations, while fermented seaweed provides your skin with a seriously potent dose of minerals and polysaccharides for optimal skin nutrition.

MSM comes next and elegantly restructures and heals damaged tissue, vitamin C repairs and prevents photo damage and premature aging, and our Amino Acid complex gives your skin the building blocks it needs to stay seamlessly scar and wrinkle free. We also added the Queen of antioxidants, Astaxanthin, to fight damaging and prematurely aging free radicals and a dash of Panthenol to help your skin hold onto vital skin cell plumping moisture.

From your toes to your shoulders, you can have skin that is tight, toned, plump and radiantly healthy. It can match the glow you ve so lovingly imparted to your face via intelligent private label skincare formulations. You can choose between our Body Perfecting cream, lotion, serum, scrub or foaming wash- or better yet go with the entire collection and layer, mix and match as you please. Our foaming wash also has two fragrance options that are completely essential oil based and provide their own chorus of aroma therapeutic benefits.

Don t neglect your body. Give it the intelligent and incredibly easy and effective private label skincare support that it needs to thrive, heal and glow- no matter your age. Order a sample if you please, or go full steam ahead with the complete line and watch your bodily skin transform.

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