Keep It Colorful!

colorful raspberriesHave you ever marveled at the vividness of a summer flower? Or the insanely dark pigment of a blackberry? How about the brightness of a lemon, or even the simple yet rich hue of green in sweet spring grass? All of these things have one thing in common: antioxidants. Though color pigments are made up of more than just one thing, one thing they do all contain are antioxidants. In fact, a great way to tell if something, be it a food or private label skincare ingredient, is full of antioxidants is to look at its color. In short, if you want antioxidant rich skincare, then make it colorful.

Antioxidants are amazing in that they all do the same thing neutralize free radicals and then they also do their own, unique things. This is one of the reasons healthcare practitioners advise people to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables: the wider the variety, the more antioxidants! Now as you may already know, there is an incredible variety of private label skincare ingredients readily available for us to use and benefit from, and many of these contain antioxidants that lend themselves to our anti aging efforts. Though the list is virtually endless, here are some of our favorite antioxidant rich private label skincare ingredients for beauty, rejuvenation and dermal longevity:

Seabuckthorn oil: We know this ingredient isn t necessarily in the forefront of mainstream skincare, but that doesn t mean it isn t chock full of incredibly youthening and regenerative antioxidants and other bioactive compounds. This brightly colored plant oil is potent and precious stuff, folks. Use it.

Seaweed: Green, brown, red- seaweeds come in all sorts of rich and earthy colors, and those colors go to work on your skin to keep it healthy and strong no matter your age. Whether it s in the form of an extract or ground up as an exfoliant, seaweed is a powerful ally in the antioxidant realm.

Sea Fennel: Sea Fennel is a hardy little ocean plant that produces a botanical form of vitamin A (an antioxidant). The wonderful thing about this is that by using Sea Fennel instead of retinol, you get all the benefits of this powerful antioxidant without any of the sensitizing issues that many people experience. It s an anti aging must.

Berries: Blueberries, blackberries, Goji berries- the list goes on. With their deep and intense color pigments, berries offer us an easy to access source of antioxidants that look as beautiful as they make you. Put them in all your masks, scrubs, serums and lotions for constant antioxidant berry beauty.

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