Legendary Blend of Thieves: Ancient Immunity Elixir

Essential oils are nature s most pure expression of plant intelligence and have been heralded for centuries because of their antibacterial and antiviral properties. They have been used for everything from skin infections and cuts to the common cold, and are often featured in the private label manufacturing of shampoos, flea remedies for pets, and household cleaners. However, Rain Shadow Labs Legendary Blend of Thieves takes this antibacterial action to a level all it s own.

The Legendary Blend of Thieves is an ancient essential-oil-elixir formulated to protect and uphold the integrity of the human immune system. Our recipe for this potent blend is based on a 15th century recipe found in the Royal English Archives. The blend was originally used by a band of thieves to protect themselves from the Black Plague. It was so effective that even as they plundered and robbed the dead bodies of the countless and highly contagious Black Plague victims, they remained unharmed. The King s men caught four of the thieves, and in exchange for not being burned at the stake, the thieves gave the king their recipe.

Rain Shadow Labs has taken this recipe and incorporated it into our wholesale cosmetics arsenal. We regard this incredible blend as the go-to oil for all things immunity because:

  • Bacteria and viruses are literally unable to live in the presence of cinnamon and clove essential oils- two of the oils found in our Thieves blend!

  • Modern science has proven the Thieves oil blend to be highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti infectious.

  • Research also shows that the Thieves oil blend interrupts the life cycle of bacteria and interferes with a virus s ability to replicate.

When diffused, this essential-oil-mist ionizes the air, uplifts the spirits and kills airborne bacteria at a rate of 99.96%! This fact alone makes the Legendary Blend of Thieves a superb and dare I say necessary oil to be putting in your at-home diffusers.

From a private label manufacturing perspective, the Blend of Thieves is in the top tier of wholesale cosmetics ingredients. Any substance that is this intelligent in it s expression should absolutely be utilized by connoisseurs of nature and beauty alike. Let us not forget that beauty is an expression of health, and these oils are masters at protecting the health of our immune systems. Don t waste another moment- utilize the brilliant botanical synergy of Thieves in your at-home creations, private label formulations, and wholesale cosmetics purchases.

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