Liquid Soap Versus Bar Soap

Do you prefer liquid soap or bar soap? Most people have strong preferences. Others use liquid soap near the kitchen sink and the bar variety near the bathroom sink. Many people simply grew up with a certain type of soap that helped to shape their preference.

What soap is better and why? Many people have their own ideas and sometimes a certain type of soap simply seems to work better for different jobs. Bar soap is wonderful for rubbing onto spills on clothing that may tend to stain. The suds in liquid soap will often create a cloud so that you cannot watch the spill wash away.

The negatives of bar soap include deterioration in the shower or next to the sink. These will deteriorate as water is splashed onto them. As the bar becomes small, it usually is difficult to handle and to wash with.

An additional con to bar soap is that it may harbor germs. Liquid soap is kept sanitary and untouched until ready for use inside of a container. Many people will choose not to wash their hands at all if they see a bar of soap that appears to be dirty.

Liquid soap has become increasingly popular for soap distributors. It can be found in large variety of consistencies and scents. Many liquid soap varieties are available in aromatherapy and mood enhancing scents. There are also types that contain lanolin for soft hands and others that contain antiseptics and alcohol to kill germs.
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