MSM: The Private Label Skincare Staple

There is most definitely a group of private label skincare staples that deliver time and time again, no matter what. These are the ingredients that you will find occurring over and over again in ingredient decks because of their essential nature. Some of them are superstars at keeping formulas properly blended, others are expert natural preservatives, and others still show up time and again because your skin loves them so much. MSM is one of those ingredients. Your skin loves MSM, and MSM loves your skin. The two love each other so much, in fact, that MSM occurs naturally in the very structure of your skin.

MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found in plant material, animals and yes, even the human body. It s what helps keep your connective tissues healthy and elastic. Some people even take MSM as a health food supplement- that s how many different applications it has in the body. And because it s already in your tissues and something that your body is actively working with, using a private label skincare product that contains a high quality MSM is very easy for your skin to use and assimilate.

MSM is used in private label skincare products for everything from rubs and creams to facial serums and even hair care products. We really like it for anything because of how easily it s utilized by the skin and how quickly our customers notice results. It s also great for super soft, smooth skin and thus having your own private label MSM body lotion is a good idea.

You can also use MSM in plant hydrosols and facial toners. It is water soluble and so these delivery systems are actually very effective while also being simple and fun to use. MSM also helps to increase the efficacy of other private label ingredients and is thus a great overall product enhancer to use in your formulas.

For smooth skin and a more youthful appearance, MSM should be your go to ingredient. Already abundant throughout your body, easy to assimilate and ready and willing to get to work, it really has earned its place among the private label skincare staples.

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