Natural Ingredients for Soap

The average person showers at least once a day and washes their hands multiple times. Add to that washing dishes, bathing kids and cleaning the house, and it s easy to see that we spend a lot of time exposing our skin to soap. Some of the ingredients in commercial soap brands can be hard on the skin, drying it out and speeding up the aging process. Using soap that contains the right natural ingredients can leave the skin moisturized and youthful.

Commercial soaps are usually made using animal fats as a base. A great natural alternative for this ingredient is vegetable fats, because they are more mild and moisturizing to the skin. Coconut oil is a perfect ingredient to use as part of your base because it creates a luxurious lather and is a good cleaning agent. Too much can be drying to the skin though, so be sure to include other, more moisturizing ingredients. Palm and olive oils are also great ingredients for soap and offer valuable nutrients for your skin.

Chemical based fragrances are not only bad for the skin, they can be bad for your whole body when absorbed through the skin. Basically any essential oil whose scent you enjoy can be added to your soap to make it fragrant. Citrus, peppermint, sandalwood, and, lavender oils all provide a lovely, clean smell. A little bit goes a long way, but make sure to use enough to make your finished product fragrant and rejuvenating.

Apricot oil and almond oil are especially moisturizing, along with cocoa butter. These make great additives to natural soap and leave the skin feeling luxuriously pampered. When you incorporate these basic, natural ingredients into your skin care routine, taking care of your skin doesn t have to be difficult or expensive. Anyone can have healthier, more beautiful skin by turning away from harsh chemicals and using natural products instead.
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