Our Favorite Flowers for Your Face

plants for your face
When it comes down to it, the majority (if not all) of our private label skincare ingredients come from plants. Grasses, leaves, stems and all other means of plant matter are pressed, squeezed, tinctured, decocted and otherwise processed in order for us to get the best botanical bounty possible. And while leaves and bark and little berries are all wonderful, we have a special soft spot for all the flowers that so generously grace our faces with their beauty giving essences. Whether it s in the form of an essential oil, hydrosol, oil extraction or simply ground up petals for a light and gentle scrub, flowers really do have a special kind of power. Here are a few of our faves:

Geranium: we love this sweet little blue blossom for its dedication to all things happy, healed and smooth. It s perfect in private label toners but also lends itself beautifully to serums, lotions and even masks and makes a truly magnificent essential oil. We typically use wild crafted Geranium for an extra private label skincare punch.

Rose: roses are truly the queens of all flowers, and for good reason. Their essential oil is very potent and beautifying, with a clear, pure aroma that is extremely uplifting and feminine. There are various kinds of rose essential oil, with rose otto being the most concentrated and revered. -Tweet That! Rose petals also make a wonderful hydrosol that can be used in private label toners, or even as the base for other products instead of plain water.

Hibiscus: if you ve never seen hibiscus flowers before, you re really missing out. They are absolutely gorgeous and their deep, pink/red/purple color is simply stunning when the petals are ground up into a fine powder. Naturally, they add their stunning color palette to the products they are included in so if you want to have a visual wow-factor in your skincare, you definitely want to give Hibiscus a try. Similar to rose, hibiscus makes a lovely hydrosol but can of course be used other ways as well. The vitamin c-rich petals also make a wonderful addition to masks and scrubs.

There are of course many other blossoming beauties that we like to use in our private label skincare, but it really is hard to go wrong with one, or all, of the three mentioned above. Beautiful, fragrant and so fun to work with, flowers really are one of our private label favorites.
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