Pack Your Own Amenities when Traveling

Do you remember the days of fancy hotel soap? Many travelers would forego using the high quality soaps so that they could take them home as a souvenir or to give to a loved one when returning from a trip. Sadly, those days are long gone. The quality of soap and other amenities has lowered tremendously in the last ten years in even some of the best hotels in the country.

There are several large brands that have provided hotel soaps to a large share of hotel corporations and even owner proprietary bed and breakfasts. Although the bottles may have a recognizable high-end name on the label, the quality is often disappointingly lower than those of the brand that are purchased in stores.

To avoid having to experience the effects that low quality soaps and shampoos can cause, including skin dryness and severe irritation, you should pack your own when traveling. There are a variety of containers created for carrying small supplies of your preferred shampoo and conditioner. There are also travel soapboxes that will keep bar soap from leaking on to any items it is packed along with.

It can also be comforting on. It can often be difficult to sleep in a strange place. Soap distributors have recognized the need to create small sized travel soaps infused with relaxing botanicals like lavender. Packing your own amenities can help you to feel at home when you are away from home and create a more favorable travel experience.
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