Peppermint Vanilla: The Best Body Scrub Flavor

Do you use a body scrub? What s it made out of? Is it thick and hydrating, or extra scrubby and perfect for when you really need a good scrub down? And perhaps most important of all, what does it smell like? See the thing is, when it comes to private label body care products, they either smell terribly artificial, or really really good; it can be hard to find a middle ground. Thankfully, there are products that exist that don t use strong artificial smells but instead utilize the clear, pure and even beneficial for your skin aromas of essential oils. There are many to choose from, from individual flavors featuring a single oil to a blend that utilizes the various notes of multiple essential oils. While we like the whole array of oils, we will admit that we do have a favorite blend to use in body scrubs.

It s barely sweet, perfectly bright, just a tad warm and irresistibly fresh. It s great for men and women, doesn t swing too far on any one side of the aromatic spectrum, and leaves you feeling soft, clean and with a delightful tingle every time you use it. It s Peppermint Vanilla, and it s the best.

It s the best because the two oils balance each other perfectly. The warm and full-bodied essence of Vanilla meets and mingles with the lighter, sharper and barely minty elements of the Peppermint to create an overall smell that is as clean as it is comforting and as fresh as it is instantly classic. Peppermint soothes irritated and reddened skin while Vanilla provides potent antioxidants and grounding aromatherapy. And every time you step out of the shower your skin experiences the tiniest tingle from the mint, leaving you feeling refreshed and even more ready to either start the day or cozy up for the night.

While we love this scent in just about everything, one of our most favorites is in our Shea butter sugar scrub. The natural sweetness from the organic sugar gently infiltrates the essential oil blend and the result is fantastic! However, if you want a different product either to use for yourself or to add to your own private label skincare line with Peppermint Vanilla, go for it! Because the peppermint does add a little tingle, it might be best to reserve it for body products instead of face, unless a little tingle is wanted, like in a certain kind of mask, for example.


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