Private Label Party Favors

It s officially barbecue season! Friends, longer days, dreamy temperatures and fun get togethers are what spring and summer are all about. And with this party-tastic time comes the question of party favors. For a really low key gathering, party favors probably aren t necessary. But what about get togethers that are celebrating something? Baby showers, bachelor/ette parties, graduations and other victories big and small call for party favors to please your guests and add to the fun. And while there s a whole list of fun and interesting party favors to give out, we ve got a list of suggestions for the best private label skincare party favors to please all your guests.

Lip balm pots. Cute, fun sized and super affordable, little pots of natural lip tint or a simple moisturizing lip balm are great for gatherings that celebrate everything from a new baby to a friends athletic victory. Remember that the lips need protection from the elements just like the rest of the skin and that makes lip balm pots great for gatherings of people who would otherwise not think to use a lip balm, like skiers, rough water swimmers and other outdoorsy folk.

Essential oil blends. These make great gifts and are easy to either purchase or make yourself for a little extra DIY fun. We carry ½ ounce amber glass bottles for the perfect sample size of whatever pre-blended oils you choose, or you can fill them yourself with your very own homemade blend of fragrant botanical oils. You can also dilute the essential oils in a carrier oil for a more mild blend as well.

Body/pillow spray. This kind of party favor is especially great for people who have kids because you can use the pillow spray for fussy children at night. Natural scents like Lavender and Chamomile are gentle, natural and oh so wonderful for anyone wanting to feel calm, cool and collected. Or, spice it up a bit with fresh and seasonal smells like Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang and Yuzu for a nice twist and fresh whiffs of bright and uplifting sweetness all day long.

You can choose to have your party favors be homemade or order/buy your little gifts ready to go. Whether you choose an essential oil blend or a bunch of private label lip balm pots, your guests will be happy, your party will be fun and you ll have some sweet smelling and practical favors for everyone to take home.

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