Private Label Scar Soothers

Scars. We ve all got them. Be they small or big, from childhood or in our recent past, it s almost inevitable that you ll get at least one of them in your lifetime. But even though they re not exactly dangerous or cumbersome, they can be unappealing visually. There s nothing wrong with wanting to smooth out and fade the appearance of scars, especially when they re on your face from things like acne. And while you may never completely disappear your scars, you can lighten them significantly by consistently using specific and specialized private label skincare ingredients.

One private label skincare ingredient with a knack for helping to fade scars is Tamanu oil. Not only is this valuable tropical oil extremely soothing and moisturizing to the skin, it has a long history of use as a scar, bruise and all around skin soother. Rosehip seed oil is another fantastic private label skincare ingredient for scars. It effectively regenerates the skin, reverses oxidative damage, prevents aging and helps to heal and fade scars of all causes. Rich plant butters like Shea and Cocoa are also great scar fading and softening private label skincare ingredients. 

If you want to get really concentrated, essential oils can also be excellent private label scar soothers. Essential oils such as Frankincense, Clary Sage, Rose Otto and Geranium are extremely effective, have aroma therapeutic benefits to boot, and a little goes a long way. They can be blended in private label skincare formulations, used as is, or mixed together to create an essential oil scar soothing spot treatment. Because essential oils are potent and concentrated, a little dab should go a long way.

You can also use more specialized and unique ingredients such as botanical vitamin A, plant peptides and plant stem cells to encourage collagen production in the area. To increase your skin s own ability to heal, gently exfoliating the area where you have your scar(s) will encourage the skin cell turnover that leads to scar fading and skin regeneration. It will also help the other scar soothing ingredients you are using to better penetrate your skin.

Though benign and perfectly natural, you don t have to live with dark unsightly scars. You have access to the best private label skincare ingredients to fade your scars, promote youth in your skin, and help to prevent the formation of future scars/speed the recovering of current ones. Take your pick from this list, mix and match them if you please, and watch your skin heal day by day.
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